Where To Find Civilian MREs For Sale

There are numerous companies that sell civilian MREs. If you do not have at least a couple of weeks of these in your basement, you will not be prepared if there are any potential problems. You could run out of food as a result of a natural disaster, or you might be stranded at a location high in the mountains due to a snowstorm. You can bring these with you when you go hiking, fishing, or even when you are hunting. They can keep you fed for several days at a time. There are several ways that you can get access to the best ones for the most affordable prices. There are a few things that you need to know about these products that you may not have thought of before. Let’s discuss how they were first made, what is in them, and where you can get excellent deals on meal ready eat products on the web.

Why Were MREs Made?

These are initially produced for Ranger and Special Forces military units that were going into areas in Vietnam. They needed to know that the troops could have food that would be edible, something they could consume on a moments notice. Since that time, the packaging is changed. They are more flat, and easier to store in backpacks. Fast forward to modern times, they are not just designed for military units, but you can purchase these for your family to store for emergencies. There are some subtle differences between those that are made for the military and the ones that you can purchase from companies that make them for consumers.

What Are The Differences Between Civilian And Military MREs?

There are not a lot of differences between these products. For example, they are going to be packaged in a similar way. They will be in resealable packs that you can either eat cold, or you may want to consider heating them up with the flameless ration heater that is going to be provided. The type of food that is included will be similar as well. They will have an assortment of meat, vegetables, and they even make kosher meals. They will also have desserts, drinks, and there will be an accessories pack. It is in the accessories pack that you will see the first noticeable differences between those that are for the military and ones made for civilians around the world.

What Is In The Accessory Packs?

When you purchase one from a company that produces them for civilians, you will have many different things in the package. For example, you are going to have access to a full meal, coffee, creamer, and a dessert. There should also be a side dish, a main dish entrée, and crackers with some type of spread. The accessories pack is the only other thing that will be there, and it will include salt and pepper, napkins and wet wipes, and a pack of sugar. This is also where you will find the spoon that you will consume everything with, and this is where things begin to change. All of this is included in both civilian and military MREs accessory packs with just a few differences. In addition to all of that, the military accessories pack will contain toilet paper, chewing gum, and some type of hot sauce. The toilet paper would obviously not be included with the civilian back since they would be in an area where they would more than likely have access to stores that sell toilet paper.

Is The Flavor Similar To Regular Food?

When people are asked about MREs, they first ask about the flavor. They may have a favorite type of food that they would like to have with these meals, but they need to know that it tastes good. One of the things that people will do is try out different ones initially. They will order a small package with multiple meals. This is the only way that they will be able to tell if the flavor is to their liking. They will probably try a couple different companies until they find something that is preferable. One of the reasons that people order substantial amounts of MREs is because they have done this taste testing. They also need to know if the company is reputable, producing high quality food that many people actually like.

How To Find Out More About These Companies?

You can find out more about these companies by looking for reviews online. By searching for MREs reviews, this will lead you to several websites. You may want to specifically search for meal ready eat civilian packs and look for reviews for those. This will give you specific websites that have probably spent quite a bit of time ordering different packages, and will have tested them out to provide a report. This is another way that you can save a lot of money. If there are several companies that are doing this, and they are all agreeing or recommending one particular company, this is the one that you want to choose.

How Long Will It Take To Find These Businesses?

While you are searching for reviews, you will likely find many other companies that are currently advertising their services. Whether you are searching for your first time, or if you are doing this a couple times a day, it’s only going to take you a few seconds to find the ones that are available. You may actually want to search for MREs based upon the type of food that you like. For instance, you could look for meal ready eat meals that have chicken, beef, pork, or even kosher meals that are currently available. This will help you limit the number of companies that you contact to purchase test orders from, and you should do this to see which ones you like the best.

How Many Orders Should You Place It In A Week?

It is recommended that you place at least two orders your first week. This will give you quite a bit of food to choose from. You can try them out for lunch and dinner, or perhaps just for dinner for the next couple of weeks. This will allow you to see how they taste on your schedule. There are some people that have large families. They might want to consider cooking multiple meals at the same time. That way, they can taste test everything, and they can come to an agreement as to which ones they like the best. The faster that you do this, the easier it will be to place your initial order for these products that you may need in the future.

Are Some Companies Better Than Others?

There are only a couple of ways that you can determine which ones are the best. First of all, always look at reviews that have been left by actual customers. Look for the ones that are the most recent so that you can tell if they are currently offering exceptional meals. Second, you need to taste these for yourself. That’s why ordering a couple packs the first week to test everything out will allow you to quickly determine which ones are best. There is another way that you can make this distinction. It’s by looking at the Better Business Bureau to see if there are any complaints against these businesses, and which ones have the best rating.

Why You Should Check The BBB Website

One reason that you may want to check this website is because it is the go to website for anyone that wants to learn about local and regional businesses. If there have been any complaints filed against these companies, that information will be presented. It will make it very easy for you to learn more about them. For example, if you can find several MREs companies that look promising, you will then check the BBB and see if they have a good rating. If they do, you will then want to start looking at not only the packages that they offer, but the prices that they charge.

How To Find Low Cost MREs Online

The lowest cost that you are going to pay for meal ready eat packages might actually come from a company that you would prefer buying one from. For example, you may have ordered a couple small packages, and once you have tested them out, you might be motivated to choose a couple of these businesses. However, one of them might be selling them for a much lower price. If this works out, you could end up saving hundreds or thousands of dollars by using this information. They may also have sales that are running, limited time offers that you may be able to take advantage of while you are looking.

How Long Will They Last If You Store Them In A Cool Location?

The best way to store these is to place them in your basement, or any type of location where it is exceptionally cool. Even though they are packaged airtight, and all of the bacteria has been removed from the food through boiling, excessive amounts of heat can actually cause the food to not last as long. For example, when soldiers receive these MREs in the desert, they are only going to last for a couple of months. The moment that they open them, they will also deteriorate much more quickly because bacteria can get in and will become more prolific in the heat.

What Is The Recommended Amount For Emergency Situations?

The recommended amount that you should purchase for emergencies is roughly one month supply for each person in your household. Assuming that you will be in a situation where there will not be food available for several weeks, this will be more than enough to feed everyone in your family. At the very minimum, you should have at least one week of MREs to consume which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. By using this simple standard, you can be better prepared for emergencies when they occur.

Why Else Would You Want To Purchase MREs?

There are so many reasons why these could be very useful. For example, you might do a lot of hunting. It is sometimes difficult to prepare all of the food that you will need if you are going to be out in the woods for several days. Instead of worrying about that, you can simply bring the MREs with you. They are primarily flat. They will be easy to pack in your backpack or any other container that you are bringing with you. In addition to this, if you do a lot of hiking into the wilderness, or if you are going to go camping, these are great to have during your trip because they are so easy to use.

What If You Want A Hot Meal?

If you would like to eat a hot meal instead of a cool one, make sure that you pay the extra money for those with a flameless ration heater. These were designed by the military initially for soldiers that would be in situations where their mission would take them into cold places. These are unique heaters, ones that do not require electricity. They can actually get up to 100 degrees. They will last for several minutes, allowing you to heat all of your food very quickly so that you can have a meal that is warm right out of the bag.

How Does A Flameless Ration Heater Work?

These are designed to be very easy to use. You simply need to add water. Inside of the pack is going to be about 95% magnesium, 5% iron, and there will also be a small amount of salt. There is a chemical reaction that will occur, similar to a battery, that will produce heat as a byproduct. It has to do with an electron transfer process, causing the powdered magnesium metal to go through an oxidation reduction reaction. Although this may sound complex, all you need to know is that you must add water, and simply wait for the heat from the pack.

Are These Reusable?

When you purchase flameless ration heaters, you should know that they are only going to work one time. If you have ever looked at the construction of a battery, you would understand why. First of all, there are a limited number of electrons that can be transferred during this process. Once all of these different components are combined, the oxidation reduction reaction process will occur, but it will happen only once. You will need to bring several with you because each one is nothing more than a galvanic cell. If you are going on a camping trip, or if you are going hunting for a few days, definitely bring at least one for every day that you are traveling.

Is This Something That You Could Use A Couple Years From Now?

These can be used either now, or several years in the future. Once the FRH is sealed, it can be used at any time. The only thing that is missing is the water to start the chain reaction, one that is very similar to how iron can have rust on the exterior of the metal. Without the water, it may even last for a few decades, simply because that transfer of electrons is not going to happen. Make sure that you are purchasing these from a company that does make them properly. You will likely find reviews on these flameless ration heaters on the web as well.

What If You Like More Than Two Companies?

If you actually like more than two of the companies, and you are on a budget, you simply need to make smaller orders and get something from all three. You may find that each of them is running a special, and because they are offering some of your favorite meals, you might want to consider stocking up on a few more of them. These are also things that you can give to people in your family, or friends that may want to use them. It’s a simple matter of taking the time to place three or more separate orders to take advantage of the savings.

What If You Don’t Want To Have Them Anymore?

There are some people that find themselves ordering these during a time where they believe there could be a problem with potential food supply shortages. They may have listened to a radio program which motivated them to stock up on everything, but they soon realize that they don’t have to do that. As a result of this, they end up purchasing too many, or perhaps they just feel that they don’t need them any longer. You can’t sell them back, so you would probably have to find a forum or social media site where you can list your items for sale. If you need to get rid of them fast, simply tell everyone that they are free, and they will have to pay for the cost of shipping. They can PayPal you the money and you can quickly get rid of them.

What Can Make These Go Bad Quickly?

When you purchase civilian MREs for sale, you may wonder how long they will last if there are problems with storage. For example, you may find yourself moving these to an outbuilding, and that might cause them to diminish much more rapidly. In most cases, they are going to last a couple of years even at room temperature, but keeping them cool is the most ideal thing to do. The only way that they could go bad, outside of extreme heat, is if they are ever punctured. Perhaps you have accidentally rammed into them, or drop them, and this might cause a problem with the bags they are in. You might want to consider doing inspections from time to time, just to make sure they are in pristine condition.

Will You Ever Need To Return Them?

There are some companies that will actually offer to take them back during a certain time period. For example, they may have a 30 day guarantee. They know that they are going to last for a couple of years. They will likely allow you to send everything back if you pay for the cost of shipping. Some people might accidentally order to many, and they should be more than happy to take back the ones that you do not need. There is also the possibility that they have shipped a double order, and in that case, they will pay for the shipping to get it back to them.

One Other Way To Save Money With Civilian MREs

Due to the popularity of these products, you may notice that there are many new websites coming out every single year. Some of these are going to have a wide variety of meal ready eat packages available, some of which you should try. At the same time, because they are new, they will likely have excellent prices. If you have not purchased as many as you want to have, you may as well order from these new companies, test them out, and make your final order from this new business if you like how everything tastes.

When you purchase civilian MREs for sale, keep in mind that all of this research must be done before you place your final order. You need to know a little bit more about each of the companies that you will order from. If you can do this, you can feel confident that the ones that you are purchasing will last for several years. Remember to try a couple different businesses, test them out, and then place your order from the company that offers the best tasting food. Finally, when you look at the different advertisements that are online, this can help you find special offers that are available for a limited time. If it happens to be from a company that you already know is selling the best civilian MREs, you can save money and also get some of the most popular ones currently sold today.

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