Easy Camping Meals Ideas for your Outdoor Adventure

Camping is an excellent summertime getaway. You can undertake an outdoor activity, be active, and have fun with family and friends experiencing nature. Of course, everyone wants to enjoy a good meal even while camping so why get stuck doing it?

Moreover, as part of the great outdoor experience, preparing great camping meals can be the best option of adding fun into the activities. Fortunately, camping meals are simple and easy to make. In fact, ready to eat camping meals are the excellent choice for any outdoor activities.

Here are a few camping meals ideas to help you become equally adventurous in camp cooking as you are with your outdoor activities.

Choose Meals That Are Prepared In Advance

One great way that can make camp-cooking pretty easy is choosing meals that you can prepare in advance. These meals include:


Who doesn’t love hot pancakes especially in the morning? Prepare the batter the night before you leave, then freeze it overnight in a Ziploc bag. By the time you’ll need it, the batter will be thawed and ready for use.


Crack a few eggs with your preferred omelet ingredient in a Ziploc bag and add them to the cooler. In the morning, bring a large pot of water to boil, drop the bag into the water and prepare for about 12-13 minutes. Pull out the bags and slide the omelet onto your plate for a satisfying camping meal.

Taco Soup

Make an easy taco soup using two cans of stewed tomatoes, a cup of canned corn, two cups of canned beans, 1Ib cooked ground beef and a packet of taco seasoning.

Combine the ingredients and cook them together in a pot. Once you’ve cooled it, freeze it into freezer bags and place in your cooler. Bring the contents in the bag to simmer in a pot whenever you’re ready to eat with a bag of Fritos for dinner.

Campfire Burritos; a quick recipe for any outdoor activity

This recipe can easily be tweaked and used for any outdoor adventure you’re about to embark.


  • 4 tortillas
  • ½ cup pre-chopped mushrooms
  • 2 cans black beans
  • 1 cup of shredded cheddar cheese


Divide your ingredients equally into the tortillas then wrap them into burritos. Cover them with a foil, place on fire and let them roast.

Civilian MRE Meals

As an alternative solution to camping meals, you may want to try civilian MREs. MREs are meals ready to eat, all you need is just two ounces of water to heat your meal and you ready in less than 10 minutes with a delicious meal.

Looking for easy camping meals?

Organizing what you’ll eat during your camp no longer needs to be a chore with loads of resources available. You can easily find healthy ideas for camping meals that will not only take out the stress of camping but equally make the trip fun and worth the while.

Sites like Amazon have camping cookbooks that are packed with quick and easy recipes for outdoor cooking. Conversely, you can download camping recipes apps on your phone from Google Play store or your iPhone.

Wrapping up

Camping meals do not need to be complicated; they should be easy and simple to prepare with easy-to-pack ingredients allowing you enough time to enjoy other outdoor activities rather than spending all the time making breakfast or dinner.

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